Detective Rizzoli

Jan 09

Angie Harmon in Craig Morgan’s music video for This Ole Boy. [x]

Jan 09

The brunette and the blonde... →


Jane felt her body obey on command to Maura’s words.  Never before had something taken such a stronghold over her than that.  Her hips bucked up in the air and she tugged gently on Maura’s hair.  She moaned out her name as she came, shuddering with her release.

She writhed against the carpet.  The pleasure seemed to overtake every inch of her body.  She collapsed back down, panting and repeating Maura’s name over and over.

Maura smiled and licked at Jane’s sex once more before pulling up and looking up into Jane’s blissfully looking face.  She sighed and shivered a bit.  Jane’s release was very erotic to her and she knew that in the coming months as Jane’s body would grow and change…they would only become more intense.  She crawled up along Jane’s body and slowly fell into the woman, nuzzling her cheek against Jane’s.

“You are amazing Jane Rizzoli,” she purred and kissed the woman’s heated cheek before pulling back to again stare into her face.  Maura trailed light fingertips along Jane’s jaw.  Maura smiled and arched her back so that her body pressed into Jane’s still trembling body.  “I love how you moan and move…Your body is simply amazing as you orgasm.  You really have no idea how wonderful it is to watch,” she said lightly and then captured Jane’s lips as her own.

Jane murmured softly as Maura kissed her again.  She was simply enraptured by the other woman.  When the kiss broke, she gently took Maura’s hand and placed it on her stomach, “Can you really believe we’re adding to our family again?”  Her hand softly stroked Maura’s hand and arm, “As…weird and as unconventional as we are, I think we make quite the family.  Don’t you?”

She smiled softly as she looked up at Maura, “I never thought I could love anyone the way that I love you.”

Jan 06

What was REALLY said pt.23

Jan 06


AU: Rizzles

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen *is dead*

Jan 05


She’s so beautiful.

Jan 05

What was REALLY said pt.14

Jan 04

What was REALLY said pt.4


I can’t help myself

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” When I talk do you hear ..blah blah blah .. Maura .. blah blah blah “